Case IH STX NEW Polyurethane Idler Wheel

  • Model: SP1423XLAC
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Superior Polyurethane

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New Polyurethane Idler Wheel

Case Part# 87752138

Superior Part# SP1423XLAC

Bolt On, Cast Idler design with Spoke Pattern

Superior polyurethane Midrollers

Shipping: Item ships out in 1 to 3 business days. Transit time can take 7 business days depending on destination.

Core Charge:

Superior polyurethane Midrollers

A $50 Core charge is required and added to the initial cost of the Idler Wheel. The core charge will be credited back to your account or credit card when the core/cores have been returned to the factory (Superior) and inspected for quality. Please see Wheel Reusability Guidelines for acceptable cores.

Site Proven Performance
Tested on the same tractor, pulling dual pan scrapers

AgriTraxx® Midrollers

Superior Tire & Rubber AgriTraxx<sup>®</sup. Midrollers After 3000 hours of pan scraping - like new with no track damage
After 3000 hours of pan scraping - like new with no track damage
Rubber Midrollers

After only 347 hours of pan scraping - visible excessive damage and uneven wear. Wheels have to be replaced to prevent further track damage.
AgriTraxx® Midrollers

Superior Tire & Rubber AgriTraxx® Midrollers Undercarriage Wheel Replacements
Thermal image showing polyurethane's highest temperature at 117.0 ºF, this lower temperature extends both to rubber track and wheel wear-life.
Rubber Midrollers

Rubber midrollers
Thermal image recorded in the same usage interval as in AgriTraxx® Midrollers, indicating rubber’s highest temperature at 161.1 ºF.

  • No Bond Failures Guaranteed - Proprietary bonding technology that resists heat and shear force to prevent debonding
  • Longest Wear-life - Polyurethane compound engineered to generate less heat, reduce chunking, and provide the highest cut & tear resistance
  • Resist the Elements - Unlike rubber, AgriTraxx® Midrollers polyurethane is resistant to Oils, UV, Weak Acids, Diesel Fuel, Moisture and more
  • Extend Rubber Track Life - Lower operating temperatures reduce rubber track deterioration. Tough polyurethane will not capture debris and score the track.

General guidelines for Midroller replacement

  • More than 1/3 of the total rubber is missing around the entire midroller
  • All the rubber is missing at any point all the way across the midroller
  • Any flat spots are seen which may indicate midroller stopped turning

Note: you should always change midrollers & idlers in pairs to promote equal down pressure from the axle to the track.

Preventive maintenance

  • Check the condition of the Idler Wheel seals. Look for any wet areas that indicate a leaking seal. We recommend using Kile Clear View Caps as they assist you by giving operators the ability to view and maintain proper oil levels.
  • Check condition of Idler Wheel rubber. Worn or Idler Wheels in poor condition can damage the track if not replaced in a timely fashion.

Wheel Remanufacturing Service:

Want to significantly reduce the cost of replacing mid-rollers & idlers?

Contact D & J Farm Supply to make arrangements to have your worn Idler Wheels and idlers sent in to be reconditioned with high performance polyurethane.

Once the wheels are received, they will be stripped of all the old rubber compound and the rims will be cleaned and prepaired for the retreading process.

The cleanned wheels will then be retreaded with Agritraxx® high performance polyurethane and shipped back for installation.

Superior polyurethane Midrollers

Turnaround time can be as little as 6 weeks but could take as long as a few months.

Wheel Reusability Guidelines:

Wheels that are cracked or damaged will Not be accepted.

Wheels that are cracked or dammaged will Not be accepted.

Flat Spots & Mud Removal

If flat spot wear is limited to the coating, core will be accepted.

If wear has damaged the steel, core will not be accepted

Wheels that are covered or filled with mud and other debris must first be cleaned. Cores do not have to be washed clean but must have majority of mud, dirt, and debris removed.

Cores that are covered or filled with mud and debris will not be accepted

Flat Spots worn into coating,Wheels that are covered or filled
        with mud and other debris must first
        be cleaned.

Chipping / Chunking

Coating loss, Chipping / Chunking are accepted forms of good cores.

Superior polyurethane Midrollers acceptable forms of good cores
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